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​The club-type village Taureņi was created as a single whole, where each element is an integral and indivisible part of the common space.


Village area: 13 hectares. The territory is landscaped and designed in a single architectural style: park landscape, pedestrian paths, tree lighting.


The village is fenced and is under centralized security. The perimeter of the village is covered by external surveillance cameras and a laser barrier.

The village is located in the silence of a pine forest between Riga and Jurmala on the shores of the picturesque Lake Bozhu. The location of each house is carefully thought out. The mansions are built in the form of an amphitheater, and you can enjoy a superb panorama of the lake at any time of the year.

Everything in Taureņi meets the discerning taste. This is the unity of the architectural style, and the magnificent landscape, and the lighting of trees and gazebos, and beautiful paths to your home. You live as if in a magical park, and every moment here awakens the desire to stop time and stay in this magical space.

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